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GB NEW Ref Sheet :iconwerewolfofsimi:werewolfofsimi 0 2
Deep Skies Character Ref Sheet
Name: Deep Skies
Pegasus Male, Age 23, height (ponyheight) Roughly 5'11" possibly taller due to his long legs. Eye color, Magenta. Coat Color, Indigo. Mane color, Lavender Purple.
Deep is a sort of poet, even with most of his poetry becoming very dark and dreary at times his meanings usually end up being much deeper than the words and things written about, he comes off as distant and very unreceptive of making friends. He got the nickname 'Deep Purple' because of his mane and he rather detests it because he's tried everything to dye it another color but it just doesn't seem to work. His soft spot is usually when it comes to literature and the Written Word. Now it doesn't mean he's book smart but he enjoys stories, others poetry, and of course some factual reading from time to time.
He's currently not fraternizing with anyone, he finds that 'Love is a harsh flower, like a thistle. It looks pretty but it pokes you whenever you try to eat it.' So he's also not looking for anypony to be hi
:iconwerewolfofsimi:werewolfofsimi 0 0
Rainbow DashGala :iconwerewolfofsimi:werewolfofsimi 2 2 Keepin' Track of my heads batted in? :iconwerewolfofsimi:werewolfofsimi 0 3 GB in Digital :iconwerewolfofsimi:werewolfofsimi 0 0 Gamegirlsarcade :iconwerewolfofsimi:werewolfofsimi 1 3
MLP:FiM Live Wire
Name: Live Wire
Species: Unicorn
Gender: Colt/Stallion
Age: Can range from unborn at the time to early teen years.
Coat coloration: (using RGB)  R: 227 G: 232 B: 72
Mane Color: 2 Tone Digital Green, Dark Green and a Light Green. He keeps it short but due to how he doesn't like getting singed or burned, but he still keeps it tidy.
Eye Color: Blue
Parents: Allie Way (Unicorn) and Game Boy (Pegasus).
Personality:Live Wire takes after his father quite a bit.  Though he's maybe not quite so impulsive.  He's an electrical engineer in the making basically. A big practical joker, real court jester if you will. He's always experimenting with electrical things, getting shocked on a regular basis much like his father except for the one fact that his magic is attuned to electricity so it doesn't effect him NEARLY as much as his father.
Cutie Mark:Two sparking electrical wires.  One red, the other blue.
:iconwerewolfofsimi:werewolfofsimi 1 0
Birfday Gift 2012 LadyFafnear :iconwerewolfofsimi:werewolfofsimi 1 3 Mine Craft: My Survival - Beautiful Sunset :iconwerewolfofsimi:werewolfofsimi 1 4 Mine Craft: My Survival Day 17 - New additions :iconwerewolfofsimi:werewolfofsimi 0 0 Mine Craft: My Survival Day 16 - Silly Zombie :iconwerewolfofsimi:werewolfofsimi 1 0 Mine Craft: My Survival Day 16-Expansions :iconwerewolfofsimi:werewolfofsimi 0 0 Mine Craft: My Survival-Day 12 'The Crack of Doom' :iconwerewolfofsimi:werewolfofsimi 0 0
Mine Craft: My Survival Chapter 2
Minecraft: My Survival: Chapter 2: Hard Work and Great Reward
  Day twelve, It's been about ten days since I've written in you my journal and it has been a LONG time too. So much has happened and I can't wait to get it all down my friend! Let me see; first off, I had to do some more logging since I was running low on wood and planks. Secondly, the monster attacks have been getting worse too as I had a few spiders try to break in recently, zombies along side them as they stalked my front door. I could see them through the glass I'd made so it was a bit unnerving. Lastly though, I did some more spelunking down underground. I'd seen some caves that I'd be more than happy to explore and I marked them with a pair of torches about one block apart from each other. The caves I've cleaned out but may come back to for mining out down deeper have been marked by two torches side by side. Do you think this is a good idea my friend? I know it 'might' be a small waste of materials
:iconwerewolfofsimi:werewolfofsimi 0 1
Mine Craft: My Survival-Day 12 part 3 :iconwerewolfofsimi:werewolfofsimi 0 1 Mine Craft: My Survival-Day 12 part 2 :iconwerewolfofsimi:werewolfofsimi 0 0


Vanilla Buns commission page 3 :iconhowling-wolf-design:Howling-Wolf-Design 3 0 Vanilla Buns commission page 2 :iconhowling-wolf-design:Howling-Wolf-Design 1 0 Vanilla Buns commission page 1 :iconhowling-wolf-design:Howling-Wolf-Design 4 0 My little Pony BirthdayPresent to Gamegirl :iconfluttershy1502:Fluttershy1502 10 1 Game Girl :iconmarrazan:Marrazan 788 35 Spiritfire X Luna :iconmarrazan:Marrazan 294 25 MLP OC: Cherry Blossom :iconhowling-wolf-design:Howling-Wolf-Design 5 6 Wes Request :iconcherry-chocoalate:Cherry-Chocoalate 5 7 Copper's First Invention :icondr-octognomopus:Dr-Octognomopus 2 3 Crystal :iconhowling-wolf-design:Howling-Wolf-Design 2 7 Dragon Commission :iconhowling-wolf-design:Howling-Wolf-Design 3 7 Claude :iconhowling-wolf-design:Howling-Wolf-Design 3 1 Marissa :iconhowling-wolf-design:Howling-Wolf-Design 4 0 Marco :iconhowling-wolf-design:Howling-Wolf-Design 5 3 Clarice :iconhowling-wolf-design:Howling-Wolf-Design 2 1 Toney :iconhowling-wolf-design:Howling-Wolf-Design 3 3



werewolfofsimi's Profile Picture
I'm a Werefox,not wolf.
United States
The sun is bright, but I'd rather bathe in the pale moonlight. What a wonderful way to spend the rest of my days~Memories of a Werefox

Current Residence: California... where it's hot =X but quite cold in the winter.
deviantWEAR sizing preference: What's this!?!?
Print preference: Umm... I dunno... I print on... paper?
Favourite genre of music: Anything really
Favourite photographer: Mostly anyone with a camera
Favourite style of art: Well... I dun know, it like asking a rat what cheese do you like?
Operating System: Windows Vista
MP3 player of choice: I still use a CD player
Shell of choice: Does my body count?
Wallpaper of choice: anything with wolves =3
Skin of choice: I don't like skin, I like soft cuddly fur
Favourite cartoon character: John Talbain/Galleon, Prinny, Ranma (Girl and Boy)
Personal Quote: Do or die, heaven or hell. Just do it or you might regret it later. Don't diss the Prinny'
Hey folks! Small update: I HAVE A NEW LAPTOP! Yup yup, so... HUZZAH! Hope everyone is doing alright and what have you. Anyhow, take care and I'll catch you all on the flipside.

  • Listening to: Torchlight 2 Soundtrack
  • Reading: Law 101
  • Watching: The outside.
  • Playing: TF2 MvM when I can
  • Eating: Very little.
  • Drinking: Kinda thirsty.


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It was warranted because..i knew a past life...called Ultimate-kamikaze
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